Safe & High Quality Healthcare which produces performance

The National Medical Home Summit has made big headlines in the past. There have been major announcement and discoveries for this meeting. Therefore, the momentum has been established to ensure it is in the right direction. Nevertheless, a lot of work still needs to be done. Many hospital administrators are usually driven by the mission of the organization and the passion to deliver health care.
Producing performance
The Medical Home conference found that many of these executives understand that providing safer and higher-quality care produces results. In fact, there is evidence that high quality care means better performance – from the bottom and top of the line. Patients have the opportunity to get health care that is free from complications, which are inevitable, are likely to figure more things that are positive about the health care experience. Furthermore, patients are more likely to return for future services, increase the income of the hospital.
According to Medical Home Summit, are low home quality of care likely to bear the direct cost of health care which account for 22% higher than the institutions that offer quality health care. Furthermore, general surgery without complications is likely to cost the hospital $ 9,400, but rises to over $ 36,000, particularly when multiple complications arise. More than half of side effects such false diagnoses, delayed diagnosis, drug side effects and complications of surgery are to avoid. According to the study, they usually cost healthcare $ 1 million.
High participation nurses
The financial impact along with improved health care and complication free recovery create strong links patients. Many factors have a significant impact on the quality and safety of health care including staffing patterns, patient acuity, use of contracted staff and overtime hours have profound and significant impact. Healthcare with higher nurse participation usually statistically complication index and mortality index.
Furthermore, high participation of nurses has a profound effect on many quality indicators. For example, while comparison Nosocomial infections infection rates, it was found that the blood infection was 18 times higher in units where nurses were less involved. According to studies, it was found that patients less engaged centers were 54 times more likely to get infections, surgical site compared to units where nurses were more engaged. Furthermore, hospitals with at least engage nurses often pay malpractice claims of more than $ 1 million a year in hospital who had more involved nurses.

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