Strategies for Healthy Drink

We are often asked about alcohol. People are generally concerned about how much is good to drink, they should abstain completely, or how many nights of alcohol they should have every week?

There are clear instructions on what constitutes state the recommended intake for good health, and there has been much research done on the effects of alcohol in many areas of health, performance and sleep to name a few.

For the sake of this article included Men’s Health Week in the UK, we are looking at alcohol and it’s effect on blood pressure, mainly because we came across a lot of people with high blood pressure and alcohol can sometimes be a factor.

It is important to point out immediately thought that it’s not all bad news for drinkers there is some evidence that moderate drinking can lower blood pressure and help you relax.

The not so positive news however, is that too much alcohol increases the tension in the arteries causing blood pressure to rise. Excessive intake can also lead to weight gain, which in turn brings with it an increased risk of high blood pressure.

As with much of our work, good drinking is all about balance, so how employees go about finding the right balance?

When it comes to maintaining a successful approach to drinking are 4 simple steps to prepare a plan of balance, health and optimum blood pressure:

1. Development of macroeconomic policy

Most people know alcohol they enjoy and they also know (but often only with hindsight) when they’ve tipped the balance into the territory where they believe alcohol they are not the best in relation to achieving everything they want every week . If you need a clear vision consumption levels, keep notes in a few weeks what you drink and when, and then call on how many units per week and how many alcohol free night works best for you.

2. Apply a reality check

Look at the plan – family planning, labor and social obligations – and to organize appropriate alcohol around all these events to ensure that you can enjoy life while remaining within the limits of what works for you.

3. Develop some micro methods

Be clear from all events, social gatherings and work which are the limits and what non-alcoholic choices will be. If you plan ahead of time to have one or two drinks and then move on to sparkling water or juice, then this is what will happen. If you simply have a vague plan to moderate intake and just hope for the best, you can not end up with the result that you are looking for.

4. Advice interference

Sometimes our best intentions are reconciled by compelling talents of others, so if you suspect that peer pressure or the excitement of the moment can distract you from your best intentions, be ready with inspiring that will keep you on track.

If you think you need one, have a reason to stop drinking or not drinking in the first place that you can share with others. Explaining this, you are at the beginning of the night and they respect your choice for the rest of the evening.

So whatever your desired level of alcohol consumption, even if you are aiming to avoid it completely for a certain time, to plan and review it regularly to ensure that you get the right result for you and healthy living your goals.

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